Medical Manufacturing

Medical Instrument Manufacturing that Defines Strength and Precision

Medical instruments manufactured by MacKay Manufacturing Inc. meet the stringent demands of orthopedic and endoscopic/arthroscopic surgeons around the world.

Our complete medical instrument manufacturing process spans from prototyping to production to packaging for surgery and shipping. MacKay puts the entire package together. Our medical instrument customers receive clear and timely communication, important production updates and professional customer service.

MacKay's NCI Managers are responsible for the entire process and our on-site Medical Engineers provide customers with"failure analysis" reporting, proving out every machine, tool and program, keeping customers informed on exactly how the instrument is manufactured. The FDA requires this costly reporting and it comes as standard procedure with MacKay Manufacturing Inc.

Specializing in each step of medical instrument manufacturing, MacKay’s ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 processes, detailed documentation and exemplary machining turn stainless steel, titanium and aluminum alloys into medical instruments that are true works of art, prepared for the hands of qualified surgeons.


MacKay Manufacturing Inc. produces a variety of endoscopic and arthroscopic devices for surgeons to rely on in the operating room. These intuitive, ergonomic instruments make surgery easier, healthier for the patient and more efficient.

Successful endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures require precise visualization. MacKay delivers this though a variety of made-to-spec instruments including durable, custom-manufactured arthroscope lines and laparoscopes.

Cannulas manufactured by MacKay Manufacturing Inc. provide the surgeon with the durability, versatility and dependability required for the most extreme joint procedures.

Orthopedic/Surgical Implants

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. offers surgeons the orthopedic devices to dramatically improve the lives of their patients. Our joint replacement implants are manufactured with enhanced surface smoothness and bearing durability to meet customer specifications and achieve mobility success for the patient.

MacKay medical instruments enhance surgical efficiency, reduce trauma and improve healing. Our extreme attention to detail and elaborate documentation and quality control processes deliver superior performance from every orthopedic instrument, tool, device, clamp and implant we manufacture.