One of the differences customers appreciate is our well-designed, brightly-lit facility. We love when customers are surprised at the modern décor and clean surroundings at MacKay Manufacturing Inc. From the basalt columns and fine furnishings in our lobby, to our lean well-structured manufacturing floor and the bistro-style of our break room, our workplace is indicative of our approach to business.

We designed our 50,000 square-foot, climate-controlled facility for efficient manufacturing and the personal enjoyment of our employees and customers. It’s an excellent environment for our work.

We’re located in Spokane for a reason. It’s the place we want to call home. The Inland Northwest is a great location to live and do business. Our employees enjoy the fishing, camping, mountain biking, golfing and other outdoor activities that make living here so enjoyable.

Spokane also offers everything we need to effectively manufacture for our customers. This is a blue-collar city and we have experienced machinists who want to work. Spokane is serviced by major airlines, railroads, and trucking companies, along with FedEX and UPS. We’re the hub of a large geographic-region and the central nexus for freight in the northwest U.S. and western Canada.

MacKay manufactures with a comprehensive suite of high-tech equipment, including production CNC milling centers, CNC turning centers, prototype machining, and extensive support and quality control equipment. This equipment runs around the clock with little operator intervention and shapes metal to tolerances as fine as 1/20th the diameter of a human hair.