MacKay Manufacturing Inc. thrives on efficiently manufacturing products that are too challenging for other machining firms to handle. We live for these challenges—taking raw materials and turning them into the highest quality parts and instruments. From the drawing to the delivery, our success is defined by the hundreds of steps in-between.


MacKay Manufacturing Inc. manages the fabrication of parts, instruments and assembles from concept to completion. Our capabilities include:


  • Refinement—Improving parts through design evolution.
  • Design for manufacturability—Ensuring the part can be manufactured efficiently.
  • Laser engraving—Adds logos, traceability, numbering IDs to parts and instruments.
  • Laser welding—Provides the cleanest welded joints available.
  • TIG welding—Provides the greatest control for strong, high-quality welds.
  • Microscopic de-burring—Resulting in the cleanest, smoothest surfaces.

Milling & Turning

  • Manual and CNC lathe and milling
  • Programming in Mastercam, Gibbscam and Esprit
  • Multi-axis lathes
  • Swiss-style turning
  • Horizontal and vertical milling up to 5 axis
  • Wire EDM

Other Services

  • Passivation—The use of citric acid to shield against corrosion.
  • Heat Treat—Ensuring the correct temper/strength for each product.
  • Class 10k clean room
  • Assembly
  • End-User Packaging
  • Shipping

MacKay Manufacturing Inc.’s CNC machining, prototype machining, laser welding and laser engraving is controlled by a documented quality program. The technology may be complicated, but our dedication to it is not. Our philosophy is to follow the most efficient manufacturing processes possible.


MacKay Manufacturing Inc. continually invests in high-tech, precision manufacturing equipment including CNC milling centers, turning centers, prototype machining centers and quality control devices that meet the most stringent industry requirements. It is our belief that employees deserve to work with the best equipment available.

A general equipment list is outlined below:


The Highlights

We have 18 mills in our production milling department. 11 horizontal mills with 22” cubes, up to 20,000 RPM with 5th axis capabilities. 3 vertical mills that are up to 40”x20”x20” work space at 10,000 RPM, we also have 2 Willemin-Macodel 408MT machines and 2 Bumotec S191.

The Details

  • 2 Leblond-Makino Machining Centers—3 mills at each machining center. 400MM horizontal (xyz) 22” cube, up to 14,000 RPM all linked by an automated pallet delivery system.
  • 1 Leblond-Makino a55E horizontal (xyz) 22” cube. 20,000 RPM with full 4th and 5th axis.
  • 1 Leblond-Makino 400 MM horizontal machining center (xyz) 22” cube with 20,000 RPM.
  • 1 Leblond-Makino A-51 horizontal (xyz) 22” cube with 12,000 RPM.
  • 2 Leblond-Makino A51 with full 4th and 5th axis with 14,000 RPM.
  • 2 Mori Seiki SV-500B/40 vertical machining centers (xyz) 40”x20”x20”, 10,000 RPM.
  • 1 Mori Seiki SV-400 vertical machining center (xyz) 22” x 16” x 18.5” at 12,000 RPM.
  • 2 Willemin-Macodel 408MT, 7 axis mill with lathe options with a Hydro Bar feeder.
  • 2 Bumotec S191, 7 axis mill with lathe option, 90 tool magazine.


The Highlights

We have 16 lathes in our production lathe department, 5 Swiss style turning machines, gun drills for deep hole drilling, multi-axis lathes with dual spindles, live tooling, milling options and bar feeders. We have capacity to turn up to 15”.

The Details

  • 6 Tsugami BO326, Swiss turn dual spindle, gun drilling, thread whirling, live tooling with p to 80k high speed milling.
  • 3 Tsugami 20 mm Swiss type screw machines with Lemca Boss 325 bar feeders.
  • 1 Tsugami 26MM Swiss type turning center with dual spindles and independent turrets, live tooling and thread whirling options with a LNS Hydro bar feeder.
  • 1 Tornos Swiss St 26, Swiss style with deep hole drilling, and thread whirling capabilities.
  • 1 Mori Seiki SL0 turning center, 6” chuck.
  • 1 Mori Seiki Dura Turn with LNS bar feeder and an air chuck with 1.75” capacity.
  • 2 Mori Seiki NL 2000 turning centers, 8” chucks and collets, LNS S3 bar feeder equipped, 2.5” bar capacity.
  • 2 Mori Seiki NTX 1000 S2M, lathe with a mill articulating head, sub spindle, up to 11 axis.
  • 3 Mori Seiki NLX, 2000 bar fed, 3 axis turning centers with milling capabilities.
  • 2 Mori Seiki NLX2500, bar fed, celos control, dual spindle with live tooling.
  • 1 Eldorado gun drill.
  • 1 Monarch EE manual lathe.
  • 1 DMG Mori CL1500, 2 axis, 6" spindle, air chuck, 5 place decimal resolution.
  • 1 Doosan Lynx 2200, 3 axis, dual spindle, 24 station turret with live tooling.

Prototype Dept

The Highlights

Our prototype department is fully equipped with 6 vertical mills, 2 wire EDMs, 3 Bridgeport Mills, 3 lathes, a Sunnen hone and a surface grinder.

The Details

  • 6 Mori Seiki Dura 5100 vertical mills.
  • 2 engine lathes with a 14” swing with up to 17" swing.
  • 2 Haas prototype lathe with CNC control.
  • 1 Sunnen hone MBB-1660.
  • 2 Makino Wire EDM with a 12” x 18” capacity.
  • 1 Brown & Sharpe 618 surface grinder 6”x 18”.
  • 1 Mitsubishi EA12ST Sinker EDM.
  • 2 PROTO TRAK mills, one with programmable Z axis.

Support Services/Equipment

  • 2 Laser welders
  • 3 Laser engravers
  • 2 Centrifugal tumbler
  • 2 CNC CMM Zeiss Contura
  • 1 Manual CMM Brown & Sharpe
  • TIG welding
  • Class 10K clean room
  • Microscopic deburring
  • Heat treating in house
  • Passivation in house
  • Bead blasting
  • Advanced assembly
  • End user packaging
  • PFMEA (Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) reports conducted by our Engineering Team.