General Manufacturing

When it comes to general manufacturing, it helps to be specific.

MacKay Manufacturing Inc.’s value comes from our experienced management of every aspect of a project, from concept to completion and shipping.

We excel on challenging projects and "outside of normal" needs that other manufacturers may not be capable of delivering. Special certifications, the tightest tolerances and efficient prototyping are all in a day's work at MacKay.

Our advanced technologies reduce set-up time and human interaction with the product, eliminating human-error in the manufacturing process.

MacKay Manufacturing Inc. specializes in parts and sub-assemblies for many critical-performance products. Whether it is a piece for a commercial jetliner, housing for infrared cameras, or a classified sub-assembly for the Department of Defense, our team gets into each project, developing specific processes to most efficiently manufacture that part.

In this industry, you only keep business like that if you do it right... not just once, but thousands of times.